Hello Team,,,we sent an email today asking for SMS info from members ,,,I only received 11 responses back ,,now 72 members and only 11 responded ,,I am waiting to see how many I get and I will let you know .I also received this email from one of my members I wanted to share ,,


I joined your service in July 4 and have traded for 2.5 weeks. I do primarily Gap trades because of their low risk. I have only traded one option play and was successful but will stick to Gap trades.

I love your service because you just hold the stock over night, so no day trading and then you are generally in cash within first 30 minutes of next trading day.

I have started off slowly with smaller amounts in each trade and did not take all of your picks because I wanted to prove them.

Here are my results: I have traded 10 of your picks and have won 9 of them! The only one I lost was because I didn’t get out when you gave the sell alert or I would have been 10 for 10! So I lost about 4% on it.

I have averaged about 10% profit on each trade.

Looking forward to more great Gap trades!

Feel free to use any of this information to promo your product and website. Everything I say is verifiable.

Best regards,


Sorry after I wrote this I checked our other emails and members sent the info ,,thanks