Hello team ,,,if you are looking at GBIM right now you are probably saying why did i sell early ,,usually when you do not lock profits a winner will turn into a losser  not in gbim case this one is strong but in most cases ,,,,locking profits in very important if you want to stay a winner and we are winners not loosers . so if i was you i will forget about gbim and move on to something else ,,we had a great win on it and now we are four wins in a row  ,,Happy Trading Team !!!

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  1. Sammy. I locked in profits too early also but am at work so I set my minimum profit and it executed before I had a chance to revisit the trade. I never mind profits no matter how small. Would you consider starting the email alerts with a time stamp as well as keeping the current date stamp? Let’s folks know what they are reading is most current. Just a thought.

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