I wanted to touch base on a very important point ,,I have been getting some emails about the difference between here and a day trading option room ,,,I can tell you that here we make money and build our accounts in a very safe way ,,no option day trades that can go against us and we loose big ,,the risk in the trades I give out here is very minimal ,,,I am looking at all of our trades the past two weeks and I see mostly nice wins ,,so your account should be growing in a nice paste ,,,I myself do not like day trading ,,but I do it in the option room and as you can see my wins over there are much more than my losses ,,I am cutting down on Day trading and moving more to here with gap trades and option swings ,,so you should see more trades here ,,,Here we make money and our risk is not high . So what is the difference : LOWER RISK MEANS MORE WINS ..thanks members and Happy Trading !!!!