Trade with and with only $1000 and make daily cash and grow your account , More than 200 members are doing it right now so should you .

Hello Team members and Non team members , Hope you having a great weekend ..

I get a lot of emails asking me how much do I put in a Penny Stock or an Option Trade ? My answer is always is what is your account size ?

I know for a fact that with only $1000 in your stock trading account and $1000 in your option CASH Trading account you can trade with us and make money ,and this is how you do it as lots of our members are doing it right now and you can too.

In your stock trading $1000 account trade the gap play daily and reinvest your winnings in the next play until you get your account to $2000 then split plays and play two plays and put more in each play just in case one play does not work or you loose a small percentage you can make it up with the second play . here is an example :

I buy stock X with $1000 and the next day I sell it for 10% so I have $1100

The next day I invest my $1100 and I get 10% and thats $110 so my balance is $1210

The next play I invest my $1210 and get 10% so I get $121 and my balance is $1331

The next play I put the $1331 and get 10% $133.10 and my Balance is $1464.10

The next play I invest and get 10% and I am saying 10% but most of our wins are more than that ,you will get $146.41 and your balance is $1610.10

The next play your balance will be $1771.151

And the next play your balance will be $1948.266

And finally on the 8th play you are over 2k thats only about one week and one day .  And now you can do two plays  and if your winning percentage is more you will get there faster and if you get one or two looses you will still get there because most of the penny stocks we play are picked by Sammy and he is one of the best Penny Stock traders  in this market and other services follow his play sometimes .,..So the volume is there for you to get in and out .Now you can keep growing your account or just rinse and repeat the process ………I do it and a lot of members do it . So why dont you  ?


Next the option plays swings or if you join the day trade trades will have you make daily cash and grow your account .,…

Just get a $1000 cash account and divide it into 4 ……put only $250 in each swing or if you are day trading with us at do 4 day trades and you will see results . This is not fiction and its being done daily . Imagine if you do this with more than $1000 , what is the possibility . Just imagine !!

I felt like I had to write this in the blog for members and nonmembers to read and know where we come from and how we do it ,.,,,,Beat this market with us ,,Do not let this market beat you ,,Join us Today and if you are a member Follow and you will succeed .  Thanks Guys    Brian

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