Hello members ,,,I will start by saying thank you for being a great team . I want to talk to you about Gap Trades ,,,I have a new member who started with us last week ,,,,,he started with $1000 in his account and he only traded Gap plays …

He took $BTSC $GAHC $PNTV $APRI $DCTH  with only those trades and within a period of less than 10 days he reached $2899 congratulations I am so proud and happy for him and I hope he keeps making money . Those trades are documented alerts I gave ,,Real alerts  real wins .

Now what am I looking at next week ,,,as you know the market took a small hit Friday and I do believe we might have some more room to the downside ,,But we are always ready for anything and I can tell you that my team and I are determined to make you money  ,,, We take the trades and we tell you what we trade ,,So be ready and always be in good spirit and do not let one loss deter you from achieving your goals …Trading is about loosing and winning ,,,,So remember the market is always gonna through you a curve ball but if you are ted fast and strong you will survive and come out ahead .

Thank you team from the bottom of my heart  winthattrade.com   Spywins.com  and  Tradewithsmartmoney.com started to help traders like you make money and beat this market ,,,Yes we have our losses but we always come out ahead and the record proves it .

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