When to buy the Gap Trade ?

Hello members ..I hope you are having a great weekend ….

I received a lot of emails from members asking me when should I buy the gap trade ? sometimes after you send an alert of your buy the stock goes up fast .

I am gonna explain exactly what needs to be done ,,,  Once I send a text or put on Private Twitter that I bought a certain stock ,,sometimes the stock starts heading up ,,,make sure to look at the chart right away ,,,I am gonna include in my alerts a range to buy and what I am looking for and think where the range to sell .I think it will be much easier for you Guys if I do that . So lets say the stock heads up ,,IT WILL PULL BACK TO MY BUY PRICE AND SOMETIMES LESS ,,, Look at the chart for support and resistance .,..I will include that in the alerts from now on .Around and between 3:45 and 3:50 PM  the day traders start to leave and usually the stock will dip a little and then the Gap traders come in .So DO NOT DIVE HEAD FIRST .

Also from now on I am gonna go back to the watch list …As you know there is a section on the site for watch list ….I will update that daily between 2 pm and 3:30 pm So you know what stocks I am looking at .  I hope this helps you Guys ,,I am always looking for ways to make sure you all make money and I know that more than 74 traders right now are making money daily on the Gap trade ,,some doubled their accounts in 12 trades some before and some are actually using the Gap Trade for daily cash .


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